Ninth week of pregnancy

The new date on our calendar is the ninth week of pregnancy, which opens the third month. This is a period of special changes in the development of the future child, and in the state of mommy herself. One must be extremely attentive to all the symptoms and devote more time to the regimen of one’s day. How does the baby develop?

How to choose a maternity bra

It's time to replace fashionable and beautiful things in your wardrobe with more practical and comfortable ones. After all, for the future mom is very important comfort, so a comfortable bra is a must. It remains only to choose it correctly, and for this you need to know some features. The first changes in the mammary glands will begin to occur from the first days of pregnancy.

How much do you allow your child to be independent?

Of course, you are worried about the child: if he falls, when he learns to walk, if he succeeds in getting dressed himself, and so on. But try to limit your experiences. Give a little bit of freedom. The test, which is presented below, will help you determine how much you allow your child to be independent, and how much you interfere with it.

What gift to get a child for 7 years?

On the eve of children's birthday, parents and relatives are puzzled over what to give them to the child. Of course, first of all it is necessary to rely on the age category. A girl of 7 will no longer be interested in swinging a doll, and a boy will roll a typewriter. These gifts have a place to be, but they appear in a completely different interpretation.